I’m awake already. Surprisingly, I actually had a decent sleep.

I actually fell asleep straight away last night which is unusual for me. I was restless earlier because I just want the names of the crash victims to be released so that I know if the other person was involved or not. It was very cold and icey out there. My phone had half battery and really shouldn’t have gone off but when I was in the local town centre, something completely drained my battery. Luckily I had a power block with me which I had fully charged before going out.

I didn’t even have anything to eat yesterday evening because I woke up late from my nap. It was supposed to be a nap but I think I slept for about 6 hours straight… which makes it weird that I slept the night time hours too. I did push myself back into exercise over the last two days though. It was weird this morning because I normally leave the little bedside light on constantly because from a young age I was always attacked in my sleep by one of those dark shadow things. I told it to get lost (in slightly stronger language than that) and it’s not done it for over a year now. It is something you just have to live with if you are born with abilities in the psychic department. Things will try to either attack you or attach themselves to you and they’re always quite dark and scary. They can access you even more if your emotional state isn’t strong because it weakens any barriers that are there as protection. I really do not care if others make the assumption that I am a wimpy for sleeping with a light on because they really have no idea why I’m scared to turn it off. I experienced these things from a very young age. I know the dangers of these things and there is no way I’m encouraging things to visit me by turning the bedroom light off. I am sure that I didn’t turn it off last night which is why I was confused as to why it was off when I woke up.  

I do hope that further news doesn’t confirm it was the other person. I’ve checked but no names have been released yet. I had those nightmares a few weeks ago. I can’t even remember them so I just put them down to my past affecting me. I pick random things up all the time though. It will just be too hard to bare of my fears get confirmed. I would be upset because I do still care regardless of how I’ve been treated. I’m hoping that it isn’t them involved so much. Certain things have happened since that accident which makes me wonder if they have gone. Okay, people are never truly gone just not physically living anymore. Something did drain my phone battery at 75% and the light did get switched off  on my bedside. It could be my dad but even in life he knew my certain ways and one was definitely do not switch the bedside light off! Although, he might have thought your a fully grown adult now who shouldn’t be afraid of sleeping in the dark. It’s not the dark but the shadow thing that used to come out of it that scared me.

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