Starting to realise my natural patterns.

I naturally wake up at 6 am without an alarm. I got up at half six this morning. I had changed my bed cover and a sheets, putting the others in the wash by 8 this morning. I did some law revision this morning. I am now at ththe Gym. I ran on the treadmill this early in the morning haha. 

I am off to the hairdressers later because my split ends look quite a state. I’ve not had it cut in 3 months! I have to go now before the length snaps. I only can stay at the Gym an hour because I then have my appointment.

I set the wii fit console up last night. I’ve gained a stone since I last used it – 800 days ago according to my body measurement tool. I know that it was over a year ago I used it. It’s annoying because if you don’t use it consistently the batteries go in the remote and fit board. It’s got muscle and yoga exercises on there that are suppose to help mental performance as well as physical. It gave me the age of 38 on my wii fit age score. My body is performing at a nearly 40 year olds performance! I’m not ready to hit middle age yet. I have noticed my balance, memory and coordination going a bit haywire. That is why I went back to the wii fit.

I have weaknesses happen in my muscles on my left side which is probably linked to that side going dead after seizures as a child. If I regularly exercise I can balance it out again and my coordination won’t be so off. I’m afraid that as I age this will be something I won’t be able to fight these factors so easily. I walk two hours at least once a week, go the gym and am now using the wii fit again… not letting it win without fighting it! I will get really depressed if my coordination and balance problems eventually stop me from moving when I’m older. It helps if you keep your muscles toned as the strength in them fights the weaknesses. I’m aware that I won’t probably be a pensioner that is active. I actually don’t think I will get passed 40. I was born with physical weaknesses that is becoming more apparent as I get older.

I woke up with a migraine and was so glad that the painkiller took it away because I have a busy day and trying to do everything with a headache would have put me in a mood with everyone. I’ve learned not to interact with others when I’m feeling like crap because I end up falling out with them.