Month: January 2018

  • Anxiety sent through the roof today.

    Those of you who know me in offline life will most likely be aware that the things I’ve been through affects me quite badly at times. I logically know that police officers will from time to time go to meet with probation officers. I don’t have my logical brain when I go into extreme fear […]

  • Modifying my personality…

    I have decided to become harder and more guarded in my personality because half of the the people I’ve let into my life never deserved to be there. I have already changed my email address about 6 months ago. Those that have tried to get hold of me on my old email will get an […]

  • Help is in many different forms.

    I have had a few comments from various people over the last day about getting help for how I’m feeling. That isn’t going to actually help me. Help comes in many forms. It isn’t just helping the person directly. There is absolutely no benefit in helping me directly. I have stopped the outwardly expression of […]

  • Tired :( and something has just occurred to me while listening to the radio.

    I really wasn’t up to getting up this morning. I have managed to get up but only because I know that I need help with my Maths before the exam which is literally next week. I’ve got so much to do when I get back home. I have to get over here much earlier than […]

  • Past lives etc.

    I know that this will be something that others either do or do not believe in. Those that know me will be aware that I do believe in because I’ve grown up being able to just feel things etc. This may sound a little insane to those that don’t believe in any of it and […]