As much as I want to, I can’t.

This is just a short entry to say that I cannot possibly let anyone know me. I am aware that it would prove that I’m not in any way a scary or malicious person. But, I feel too afraid of other people to really let people into my world to prove that. I want others to see me as the non-scary person who has no malicious intent but I’m too scared to let others in because of my negative experiences. But I’d just like to point out to those making judgements and who bullied me throughout my life for being different and got me labelled as a criminal. You are the scum of the earth who are going to cause more conflicts by your small minded attitude.

I’m talking about those around here who think they’re morally better than others that have been labelled and put at the bottom of the pile. The fact that they’re popular and have loads of friends doesn’t mean that they have any kind of a right to make someone else labelled as inferior. I know a lot of people around here that appear as community figures like that think that those of us that have called you on your political bullsh*t are deserving of being kicked to the lowest of society, but it’s actually you lot that don’t deserve anything that you have. This is because you abuse your power and don’t even think about those without.

Others haven’t a clue what went on behind the scenes. The newspapers work for the powerful locals. Even as a Shy 17 year old I felt so strongly that I called this area on its brutal system. And, to this day, I’m having to deal with bullying stemming from when I did that. I was horrendously bullied but I’m the one that gets punished for reacting. I’m at the point where it has really affected me and I’d like to put the narrative about who I actually am out there so that I don’t have to live tormented by negative assumptions of others.

And you may as well get used to the fact that until we get autism acceptance of those with other comorbid conditions in mainstream settings I will not be shutting up regardless of attempts to silence me. So you had all just better get used to me being public about us wanting a life too!

Also, if you all don’t want George Orwell’s book predictions to keep happening and the things unfu*ked that came into force during Blair’s time as prime minister then I’m a key force into making that happen. I have the brain that is required. It can dream things that are going to happen so that we are prewarned to stop anything and it can dissect things into the tiniest pieces and see details that can stop or reverse the things above. We cannot have the attitudes described above. We must join together and push for things in groups. I’m sure there isn’t only me that wants to strip the system back to a pre mid 90s Britain. It was a lot better for those who were different. No labelling and everyone was rewarded for the hard work that they did because it was a fairer system. We can do that but you all have to trust me enough to follow my lead. 

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