Messed up sleep pattern :(

I had reset my sleep pattern and then I ended up exhausted after I woke up yesterday, so I fell asleep until late afternoon. I am now laying awake unable to sleep. If I try to stay awake during the day it gets painful to keep my eyes open. I need to go the doctors to get sleeping tablets so that I can reset my pattern without it going like this and then being too tired to get things done during the day. I can’t function anymore with things that have happened constantly on my mind. It’s affecting me badly but no one is taking any notice of how I’m suffering. I can’t change anything because it’s not in my hands. I’ve tried to explain to others how their actions will permanently leave me in a distressed state. I knew that I’d get like this and it’s cruel to leave things as they are when others know I can’t sleep. I can’t do my college work so it’s affecting my education. I don’t have to suffer like this but others refuse to see that if they don’t fix things  I’m going to remain unable to get through each day normally. I’ll be left in a permanently stressed state if people leave things like they are on a long term basis. It’s cruel to inflict this damage on me when I’m open about how I’m being affected. It doesn’t take a lot of effort by others to do what I’m needing and it’s not going to cost them anything. It’s costing me my sleep and education and my happiness because I no longer ever smile.

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