I don’t trust anyone and please don’t take it personally.

I have had various people get extremely offended at me recently when I wasn’t up for doing certain things. For example, giving my address to them so that they could send me a present. That isn’t anything personal but I’ve had bad experiences. The woman that basically got my baby son stolen from me by constantly lying to social services about me from when I announced I was pregnant and up until the adoption went ahead. She did that to me on the pretense that she wanted to send me baby clothes so that I had something for the babies birth. They were pink so in the end I couldn’t use them anyway.

I don’t trust anyone now after resent events. It’s not personal so others shouldn’t get offended. Every single time I think it’s ok to let my guard down I get totally screwed over again and again. I refuse to let it happen again so my walls are totally up from now on. I do not even go out socially anymore and I do not intent to ever again. Only way to avoid being accused of being someone that I am not. If I cut myself off and do not go out then no lies or assumptions can spread because I won’t be in front of anyone to become a potential target of vicious selfish vindictive behaviour.