It’s not a choice and I’m not wanting to be this way.

I was bought up to believe that being Gay was a choice. I now know it’s not because it’s not a choice for me. I don’t want to admit that I swing that way because I was taught that it was a choice. I remember my dad being very against that lifestyle. He used old fashioned not so complimentary names for them when talking about them. My parents came from a generation (along with many others in my family) where being Gay was immoral and against the law. If you announced that you were something like that then it would be a major disappointment. You were expected to grow up and marry the opposite sex and live your life together regardless of whether you felt unnatural together.

I couldn’t do that so I’d rather remain alone. I do not find men attractive whatsoever. I’m attracted to women though. This is by no means a coming out entry. I’m simply pointing out a few things. I would NEVER come out if I was that way inclined. I do not speak about that side of me ever.