Others should really learn after what I’ve seen behind closed doors.

I promised myself that I’d never go here on the blog. However, after I was recently trolled and bullied by people I didn’t even know, I now feel that it’s necessary. I couldn’t even defend myself against those claims because two people used the block messages option on fb to ensure that I couldn’t reply or block their messages. This was separate and nothing to do with the mates of the other person before those I’m not referring to get offended. I’m referring to cases by details no names. I’m not here to argue the versions of what happened. It isn’t about right or wrong. It’s about what is the reality for these people that have been judged and sent to places indefinitely for life.

I was sent away as a teenager to the hospital where another person from the local town had been sent. This person had a mind like a child but he was in his twenties. He was to be in there indefinitely because he inappropriately touched a child. He didn’t understand what he was doing and was only a teenager when he committed the act. It doesn’t matter how he progresses, he’s stuck in some kind of secure hospital setting for life. He won’t ever get another chance. Even those of us that have managed to get out because we didn’t do that kind of crime have been punished on the outside.

Organisations are not even willing to understand if you’ve been labelled a criminal. Many of us have gone on to have kids and had social services push us into making mistakes so that they had an excuse to take our children. There is no support given because you’re seen as below others who have different more understood circumstances.

As a youngster, every time I got into trouble, I was pushed into retaliating. I never resorted to taking drugs etc, yet I see former drug addicts (some of them actually still on the drugs but tricking social services) getting to keep their kids and being given other chances. It takes a hell of a lot to push me but I’m the system they push from all sides. My behaviour problems simply started from wanting a friend at school but not fitting in with my own age group. I was even mistreated at school and pushed so far that I retaliated.

Schools started making my behaviour problems into a sinister thing so that they got away with denying me my education. It has recently surfaced that schools are criminally labelling children on the autistic spectrum but back then autism wasn’t even a considered thing. I have found the lies that were written about me. Even the most innocent of behaviours can be written into a negative portrayal. The people that wrote those lies should be feared, not me because they are life’s master manipulators.

Also, although I never met the boy that accidentally (but to the rest murdered) killed a child during rough play at a Christmas party in the local area many years ago will also be spending the rest of his days in a secure unit. Even if you get sent down for murder and receive a prison sentence, life only means about 15 years. Yet, those with incapacitated mental functioning (mind of a child etc), can get indefinitely put into a secure unit, or in my case, have an order on my name indefinitely. Those on the outside have no idea what goes on. The things that you are led to believe by our government just isn’t true. I have been given the chip on my shoulder for a very valid reason. I have seen things that I’d like to put a stop to but I cannot get the public to see what it was like from inside that system.

I don’t want to be judged forever. That isn’t fair because I couldn’t help being socially backward and the things that were done to me hasn’t helped me be able to trust anything.