Somehow managed to get through today’s madness.

I have had a day where everything that happened wasn’t planned. I literally got out of bed and went straight out because the engineer still didn’t turn it to my mothers to fix her phone line yesterday despite telling me that they were on their way but running late yesterday afternoon. I got through to one of the managers there because I told them the issues we were having trying to get someone to come fix it. I’ve not even had chance to take my iron tablets today and I never even got chance to eat until this evening. This cost me a fortune on my mobile phone bill and I already pay £45 a month for unlimited internet so that I can listen to music via YouTube when I’m walking.

I’m not paying anymore towards that outstanding PayPal credit bill until we can come to some kind of agreement. I will be calling them too if I don’t get a response as I have been waiting a week now. I cannot pay at the rate they’re adding the stupid amount of interest. They went back on the verbal agreement so I am going to try to make a written credit agreement because it freezes the interest and if they break those conditions then I could go to a civil court to take an action on breach of contract (sometimes gcse law comes in useful and it helps remembering these things for revision for exam in May). I have to say I cannot pay because I literally only have £80 left after bills this month and that will be about £20 if I don’t get the pip benefit after dla is phased out. They are causing me financial hardship which is also a clause that is useable in an argument.

On a positive note, I weighed myself on some scales as I was running around trying to sort everything out and I have lost 2lbs. So, at least I am actually starting to lose the weight now.

I have to go the supermarket for a few bits on the way home. Again, because of circumstances I could end up having to drive in the icey conditions. This week has been a nightmare because of the phone issues and things starting to affect me quite badly.