Routine seriously affected.

I wasn’t going to back to the Gym until tomorrow but my mums internet has gone down so I have to go over there to tell her about engineer arrangements for tomorrow. I decided that if I didn’t go the Gym on the way passed the door I’d feel disappointed with myself. I’d think that I was lazy and as my jeans are extremely tight at the moment, there is absolutely no excuse to tell myself that I don’t need to go tonight. I’m probably not going to spend as long here but still making that extra effort because I do not want to be this size anymore. I’ve been doing toning exercises at home which are working but my stomach is the major thing that is bugging me a hell of a lot.

I absolutely refuse to accept that I age is going to mean I cannot get rid of this excess flab and general widening of my figure. I’ve seen women that are older whom have regularly gone the Gym since they were younger and those women have absolutely no spread around there. It’s all about keeping muscle in that area. I’m having yogurts as snacks at the moment so I’m not building the fat with sugar. Okay, I do need to not just cut down on the soft drinks but stop them completely to become properly flat stomached. But they keep me awake because they have lots of caffeine in them.

I’m extremely tired and really not up to this but I have to attempt. As much exercise as I can physically manage is better than not even attempting it. I can have my day off tomorrow (may do some toning exercises though) and then come for another session on Friday when hopefully I’ve got myself back into some form of routine.