Now I’m moody! And I’ve had enough of numbers and other strings of information appearing in front of me!

This tiredness has really started to get to me. It makes me extremely moody getting up because I’d rather stay in bed. I’m happy sleeping because at least I don’t have to contend with this tiredness because that feels like such a battle. I feel stressed at myself because I see it as lazy.

Now that the weather has cleared I would like to go back the Gym but I know that this is going to make me more exhausted. I know that the Gym sometimes perks me up a bit, but at the moment I’m just too exhausted to be given a lift by anything. The weather hasn’t helped my routine because I’ve not been for a daily walk etc.

The number plate I saw on a car yesterday is something I cannot stop thinking about, 666 fte. Very close to the word fate.  I’m aware that others think I’m going crazy but I absolutely am convinced I’m seeing these strings of information for a reason. They can’t be just coincidence. I have no one around me that believes in this stuff. I was born into quite a skeptic family when it came to that kind of stuff.

The strings of numbers are definitely trying to send a message. I have tried to convince myself otherwise but then strings of information pop up in front of me that convince me there is something in it. 666 with the fte (fate) can’t be a positive thing. The number 666 has always been linked with the devil. However, as far as numbers are concerned, 555 is the worst one to keep seeing. I’ve seen that number a stupid amount recently. The things I’ve read about people seeing 555 are not good. It certainly doesn’t mean anything positive because people have always had something negative happen to them after seeing that number. I saw 444 on a number plate yesterday too which isn’t such a negative number.