Ffs number sequences everywhere! Using my intuition peacefully away from others.

I was out early this morning to get over to the appointment to get form filled in.   I stopped for a drink to take with me on the way. This is when I first saw 777 on a car number plate. I have lost count as to how many times I’ve seen 777 on car number plates while I’ve been out. It wasn’t far too many times to not mean something. I’ve also seen 222 and 2222 last night and then 1551 when I went in the supermarket on the way home. 1331 while I was out.

I’ve wanted to say something about what went on for a very long time. I’ve had my friends suggest to me that I was ghosted by the other person. I don’t think that was the case. I got rid of mine and their friends from giving it all that and used my intuition. The other person told me that I could email them a week before the university said that I couldn’t email them. Obviously, I do not know that what I have been told is the truth. I heard that the other person wanted to come tell me to get lost to my face but the police wouldn’t allow them. It could have been sorted out if that had happened because I would have told them exactly I was treated by the university and they would have seen my habit  because in my kitchen there was a lot of empty bottles from the alcohol I was consuming. Then they would have been able to see that the person I appeared wasn’t my real character. The system that we have are preventing people knowing the truth and doing things the common sense way. For the whole of those two years I just saw the thing the other person had said to me before I was told to stop. I thought others were taking over. Therefore I am not the bitch or weirdo that I appeared. I would like a chance to be friends in the future.

I never intend on being the person I used to be or excessively drinking alcohol ever again. I’ve matured since I was doing all that. I don’t want another to hate me for something I wasn’t aware of at the time. The truth is only surfaced since everything has become to the point it cannot be repaired. It doesn’t matter how much I wish every day that it could be. I had to get rid of the various people wittering in my ear about the situation to use my intuition.