Prediction dreams etc

I’m dropping by very quickly tonight because I have an early start and it’s important that I am not late for the appointment because if you’re more than 15 minutes late your appointment gets cancelled. I have to go over to the city and being this time is year the parking may take a while. I plan to be at least an hour early because I have to walk further in from where I park. If it’s raining then I will have to rethink it.

Anyway, tonight’s topic literally appeared on the news in front of me so there isn’t really much effort on my part. However, my topic really only touches what I saw in the news. Regularly blog visitors may recall me saying how a few months ago (maybe longer than that now). I had a dream where Jeremy Corbyn actually did become Prime Minister. Today, some of the social mobility team within the Tory party walked out accusing the current prime minister, Theresa May of not keeping her promise to tackle the inequality within society.

Earlier on this week the DUP leader threatened to pull out of the coalition agreed in the last election due to issues relating to the Irish boarder. Tory haters will be pleased to hear that this is exactly what started to happen in the dream that I had a few months back. Parts of the Tory government started walking out and eventually there had to be another election because of how destabilised everything got with the walk outs and basically everyone turning against Theresa May.