Just when you sort one issue out, another one surfaces.

I had a visit from my landlord this evening. The new letting agency is advising him to put up the rent because the rates have gone up. However, he isn’t sure if he is going to sell it. It’s basically making him not enough profit after he has to paying the mortgage. I can go back to mums temporarily if I need to but she won’t have the cats there. The cats are my family so they’re not being separated from me.

I’ve already told the neighbours that I won’t be taking Dave with me. I can’t take all three and he’s used to roaming the area where he literally knows everyone. If he decides to sell it I will be given until March to sort something out. Lovely Christmas present that will be because either decision is going to be made within the next few weeks.

The letting agency sold to another one and the new one is looking at all the arrangements from the other one. They’ve decided that some of the rents have to go up but he said he came to see me to see if I could afford to pay more rent per month and if I had anywhere to go if he did happen to put the flat on the market.