Month: December 2017

  • Depressed more than I ever have been.

    I am too depressed to care about the past now okay. Others can have things however they wish because I’m absolutely done trying to fight assumptions and other people’s opinions. I just desire proper sleep which I haven’t had in years because of things that have happened. I just want to be alone and that […]

  • In a mood! Not slept and just not happy!!!

    I haven’t slept all night. I’m not happy because I’m just fed up of not being good enough for others. I work so hard, however, it means absolutely nothing to others. Even when I don’t do anything wrong I still get attacked. The week before Christmas a friend of mine argued with a older couple […]

  • As much as I want to, I can’t.

    This is just a short entry to say that I cannot possibly let anyone know me. I am aware that it would prove that I’m not in any way a scary or malicious person. But, I feel too afraid of other people to really let people into my world to prove that. I want others […]

  • Messed up sleep pattern :(

    I had reset my sleep pattern and then I ended up exhausted after I woke up yesterday, so I fell asleep until late afternoon. I am now laying awake unable to sleep. If I try to stay awake during the day it gets painful to keep my eyes open. I need to go the doctors […]

  • I have no other option. And, I’ve thought about this so much.

    I am aware that this may sound a little extreme to those reading this entry. It is not an option that I’d like to take if at all possible. However, I will always be judged and treated negatively if I don’t take the extreme option. I don’t see any other way to be able to […]