Something that really annoys me. (criminal ‘justice’ system)

I just heard the news about those guys that crashed a car in Enderby and basically caused the death of a teenage girl. They only got 8.5 and 4.5 years. I am sorry, but I don’t feel that it is long enough for that type of scum. Those that do that to a young girl and then lie to cover it up are not moral enough to be part of humanity. I think they should have received a hell of a lot longer. I get annoyed at the proper cases of criminal scum that seem to get more human rights than those of us caught up in the criminal justice system because of disabilities etc. I wanted a friend. I was never being evil on purpose and on many of those occasions I was reacting to discrimination that was directed at me for my disability. I don’t want to be labeled a criminal because I’m seen exactly like these scum. I wouldn’t dream of doing anything as terrible as ending the life of another. I am not the type of person to even steal. The legal aid system only pays for a category simple (only attendance at court and reports, mitigating circumstances) defence, meaning that those of us who aren’t well off, or even more so, elitist that get away with everything because their lawyers give a full defence which includes tactics which would get them off of anything.

I am legit and real, unlike these specimens of scum that you see on the news every day. And, another thing that really irritates me, is those doing horrendous crimes like murder, manslaughter or things along those lines, get offered new identities. Those identities are all paid for by the taxpayers and their new identities don’t have any records attached to them. The system pays for all their documents to be redone eg. certificates from exam boards etc. Those ‘specimens of scum’ (I refuse to refer to them as people or humans) get to move on with their lives and they don’t get judged because nothing is on file about their previous identities.

This label has really negatively affected me. I grew up hating myself because I tried to make friends and they’d just get the police on to me. I have autism and learning disabilities. A refusal by society to understand will not cure me of ‘offending’. I can only be me and if that ‘offends’ others, then they should get educated on how not to react. I’m going to react to discrimination directed at me. There is not one person out there who wouldn’t. It only takes a little less ignorance and there is a vast amount in this locality. I blame the lack of funding and social mobility (which has been proven recently in a table). It sets everyone against each other because there isn’t really much of an option but to compete for limited opportunities. We all want to either hold on to what we’ve managed to get or try to get something another person has. I don’t have a hope in hells chance of ever getting a career being labeled a criminal. That is the harsh fact and I hate the thought of being stuck on benefits all of my life. Those benefits may not even exist eventually because the country is about to bankrupt itself trying to exit the E.U. Then I’ll have nothing and be on the streets. If I do cut contact with my mother eventually for my own sanity then this will be my only option if the benefits get completely taken away. And, I’ve been put in that position because of others refusal to understand and act appropriately, 

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