Christmas and seeing numbers.

I had two baths today because I can’t stand the cold. It’s not even as cold as it is going to get yet. Having a bath warms me up so much that I do not use so much money on the gas and electric. I’m on a standard water tariff so I don’t get charged any more for using more water. I wouldn’t do it if I was on a water metre. My topic today is numbers and Christmas.

As many of you are aware (because it’s quite hard to miss), it’s christmas soon. I have decided not to celebrate it. I find it too hard to believe in the whole concept of Christmas. And, I cannot believe in a god because the things that happen in this world wouldn’t be happening if there was such a thing. I cannot believe in that after what I have been through in my own life either. I was bought up to believe in that kind of thing because my grandparents belonged to a church etc. There were many nights I wished for things to be okay and they never got better. I still lost my son and got treated in ways I did not deserve. I always had the purest of intentions and apparently that is what makes prayers be answered. Unless I can be shown definite proof that ‘god’ exists (create a miracle for me or something), then I shall never celebrate Christmas ever again.

I saw 555 on a car registration plate today when I was on the way to my maths lesson. That is one of the numbers I don’t like because it isn’t often people see it (unless someone local has a car with those numbers on). I then saw a car registration with 777 on it. Those two numbers combined aren’t so bad and normally is a sign of good things. It’s the equivalent to seeing two magpies in number form. When I looked it up it meant that you’ve mastered your spiritual lesson. Your karma is now spent or something like that. I saw 1818 earlier. I saw 1919 yesterday and today.  I don’t like that number. 1919 is about endings when you look it up but it’s always meant bad things for me. I’ve seen that number and negative things would happen. I’m seeing less numbers nowadays. But there was a time when it was constant everywhere I went. I started off seeing 222 and 1414 or 1441 (this one a collar number of one of the police who emailed me about breaking the restraining order on the last occasion). There’s been other strings of information that have come up. I cannot say them on a public blog but I’ve mentioned these things to others. There’s definitely something but I have no idea what and it’s nothing to do with any god or whatever so don’t even go there because I firmly do not believe.