A little note …

I am not saying this to annoy anyone. I see via social networks that the university that excluded me and put me through hell is hosting a 24 hour vigil for #loveinternational tonight. This is a vigil in aid of human rights. My behaviour wasn’t sinister, but they labelled it that way to justify their suspension and subsequent exclusion of me. They didn’t take human rights into account in my case. They breached my human rights and then got the police involved when I retaliated to their discriminative attitude.

All that I ask is that they put this human rights campaigning into practice. Don’t just put on a show, by undoing what has been done to me they  will be practicing  exactly what they are preaching tonight. Things can be undone but it takes a bit of effort at their end. I had the inability to do what they wanted me to do. Asperger’s and learning disability is the same as being a wheelchair, blind, deaf etc. They do not have a function in some way. I have worked so hard to deny my disability issues because of how badly I was treated.

I have the human right to like myself and have self confidence, which they took away. I went on at people so long because I just wanted others to listen. I’m asking people to listen now. I’m behaving myself and I’ve worked so hard in many ways, the least I deserve is for others to reverse everything or change everything as much as possible. I never wanted to fight, but I have suffered this discrimination since I was young because I have comorbid conditions so I’m not what people would expect of a typical Asperger’s person. I feel guilty every single day for how others perceived my actions because they didn’t understand. Only by fixing everything can I be set through.

I wanted to fight the exclusion at the time but my Support let me down and I was tricked into writing to the vice chancellor. I was honest and true and for that I deserve everything to be sorted out and reversed as much as possible. Despite what others have said or done to me, I still love and care for other human beings. After all the pain of all the situation in this case and other things in my life, that shows I’m a good person. I should hate everyone that has treated me badly, but I believe that there is good in everyone and it’s not their fault they don’t understand something they do not live with.