Durr brained! And not even half way through the week!

It’s only Tuesday and I am very tired already. I had to tidy my flat for letting agency inspection. I got rid of two big bag full’s of paperwork etc. I got help with it because my new friend from the group helped me go through things. It made a two-day job into a couple of hours with two pairs of hands. I had to clear all those things out because it looked like someone had just thrown everything in the utility room. Some of those things were chucked into boxes in there by me because I had nowhere else to put things. I kind of tidied everywhere else by discarding things I wasn’t going to use much into the utility room.

I am also extremely durr brained right now. I left my keys on the outside of my front door for a few hours during the weekend. Luckily, I went out so I soon discovered my error. I was dashing around my flat frantically looking for my keys (both my house and car keys were together on the same keyring). I decided to check the door and then they were there. However, last night I came in the early evening and was that tired I couldn’t wait to get something to eat and have a bath. I must have opened the door with my keys and left them in the lock after putting all my college books down. I was ready for bed by 6pm last night. I still didn’t sleep until about midnight. I had my friend from the group come over for a lift today. I opened the door and discovered the keys in the outside lock of my front door. They were there the whole night. I’m glad that no one walked off with them. We do have a security door but there and still neighbours and their acquaintances etc going in and out of there passed my door. I could have had my car nicked or someone could have broken in by opening my lock (it was locked from the inside with the chain – but if someone is determined to get in then they will break a chain easily). I was that tired last night that I didn’t even look for my keys. I’ve made sure that I have got them in my handbag tonight. I don’t think my brain is working properly right now. I just keep doing some very dumb sh*t. I mean much dumber than normal. I’ve nearly put the cat food in the fridge. I nearly put my clothes in the bin rather than the washing machine. I think I may have injured myself in the police cell when I had a full-on meltdown. It wasn’t something I meant to do. I can’t stand small spaces and feared that I’d be stuck in confinement because I’d get prison when I did get to court. I literally screamed my head off, went up against the side of the cell and repeatedly smashed my head against the concrete cell wall. I was pulling my own hair out. I have felt dizzy nearly every day since then. And, then the dumb stuff on top. I had memory issues before that occurred. I’ve had a headache quite a lot, but as I said, I can’t feel how bad my pain is since having my son so I wouldn’t know if it’s a worse headache than normal. I’m used to migraines. 

I need to go because I have another busy day tomorrow. I have the x-ray on my knee early tomorrow morning and then I have college in the afternoon. I am looking forward to Friday when I have a free day. Depending what is found on my x-ray, I may be going the Gym on my free day. I think that people can ask on the day, it’s not something that has to go back to the GP and has to be passed on to the patients via them. I am finding my knee is less swollen already on my new medication. I’m hoping that it will go soon. I just want to have aspects of my former lifestyle back so that I can lose that half a stone that I’ve gained.