I don’t want to fight but certain things need to be said.

After fulfilling my promise to another that I would not go into change the system/save society mode for one day yesterday, I am now going to say what I need to say. I cannot accept what has happened because I do not have the ability to sit back and see something that shouldn’t have ever been. I don’t want to accept the labels that have been assigned to me because of a university trying to get out of what they did to me. They have lied in official documents and to others about what occurred because I have now seen and heard proof. The only problem I have is proving that what was written in official records didn’t actually occur. That is something that I cannot do.

But, others should know by now I dig to the extreme until ‘justice is done’. And, before the university tests me on this fact, those there must note that as a teenager I found out information that others didn’t want me to expose out there and I was subsequently disposed of into another area into a secure environment. I do not bluff on these things. There is nothing illegal in telling the truth out there so that fewer students chose to study there which results in their cash flow slowing down. And they also won’t be able to rely on the international intake when I’m done with the negative PR because I have links to other countries from running my website since I was 17. I legally can’t publish their name online but I could start a chain of Chinese whisper like conversations and if I’m mentioning their name to someone I know then it isn’t classed as illegal. It isn’t slanderous or defamatory because they are basically a chain of information being passed from one person to another via a string of people. I don’t have many true friends, but I do know a lot of people who know others and they will pass it on and it definitely will hit the university in their pockets. That is the only way to get others that were involved to tell the truth about any lies that may have been told to either the parties involved or on documents. They will need much more than an advert and damage limitation PR attempts to stop their student figures rapidly dropping and financial loss when I’ve finished. As I said, I do not want to use these tactics. I absolutely hate conflict or fighting with anyone else. But, I now know that there are lies that have been told and my record is permanent and I don’t deserve that now there are lies recorded. They most likely lied to the other person involved too. I wouldn’t be surprised because for some reason I’ve heard the other person thinks I did something I promised not to do. I don’t remember what that was and if it was a lie that was told to the other person to justify how I was treated then that is why. I have picked apart everything and things majorly don’t add up. I am the first person to hold their hands up and say I messed up if I know I’m the one that was in the wrong. I held my hands up for the bit that I did. However, I caught them out on some lies at the time. I had a student with the same diagnosis as myself went to try to defend me against the security staff. They accused him of being aggressive and kicking off. I don’t for one minute believe that because it wasn’t even in this guys nature. He now works for the university…. but I feel that this is when they are trying to pacify those that have disagreed with them. I could tell that he’d practically been brainwashed by those above him because how he started to sound after he’d worked there a while. I don’t like it when others with Autism Conditions get brainwashed by those more powerful than them, they are vulnerable and will take anything that a higher authority tells them as correct. It doesn’t matter how cruel those things may be, they will still believe that this is the way it must be. 

There have already been things come out about this university over the years. One was an incident where a transgendered student was badly bullied to the point where they took their own life. Then there was a more recent scandal regarding a senior student in a higher up influential position (can’t remember their exact position), this student said that he disagreed with the university giving David Cameron an award for his contribution to the LGBT community or something like that. Anyway, this student was suspended and as far as I know left the university after getting a solicitor involved. He was suspended for saying he disagreed with them giving the award to the Prime Minister at that time. It later came out that this was effectively a bribe to get the vice chancellor a knighthood. I can say this without getting in trouble for it because it was reported a while back officially by the local newspaper. I think on that occasion they named the university too.

They either make it right for me. It is possible to have the order dropped off of my name so it isn’t for life. Others may make excuses that it isn’t. But I have analyzed every single detail and know that they can make it happen. I know that they cannot take off my convictions because it’s not possible after it’s been through court.  If they do not make it right, I will make sure that financially they end up broke by doing the above.  They have no power to stop me because I’m not naming them, it’s purely chinese whispers enough so that the message will get around and their figures will take a massive dip. I just want others to do the right thing. I don’t want to be hated by the other person for life because I lost it with them and said some things I did not mean due to how I was treated. I’d rather they make me a friend of the university. I would even be prepared to go in there and tackle their problems for them if they undid everything. There isn’t a lot of people who would agree to do this after being treated in such a manner. That shows I’m a decent person who was labeled wrong. I did say in one of my previous entries that I was going to get tough because I was absolutely fed up of being abused and walked all over as a vulnerable adult. This is one way that I intend to do this and I know that it isn’t breaking any laws. There are other ways I could do it but they would be verging on lawbreaking. I cannot allow them to leave things as they are with all that has been done to me and not repair something.