Pushed myself today!

I made the decision that it was time to kick myself up the backside and went to the Gym this evening. It feels so much easier now the doctor has drained my knee. I’ve always had fluid in that knee that made it bigger than the other one. I didn’t realise how much it made exercising more effort until now. I’ve never had the fluid removed because they used to give me anti-inflammatories. I don’t think that it’s ever released the fluid properly since it first got injured.

I’m hoping that I’ve tired myself out enough to reset my sleep pattern because that would make studying a whole lot easier. I’ve started my law GCSE assignment, but it’s a huge task when you’re tired. They give you a scenario and you have to say what criminal liability (basically what crime they can be charged with) and then what courts will be dealing with those cases. That depends whether they are Summary offences (magistrates court),  indictable offences – includes the most serious offences eg. murder, manslaughter, burglary, robbery etc  (normally dealt with in Crown Court and heard with a Jury present). Then there are Either-way offences which can be dealt with by either Magistrates or Crown depending on the facts of the case, opinions of the committal magistrates (everything starts in the magistrate’s court to be assigned) and the defendant has a say via their solicitor, but obviously not down to them. And that is quite simple compared to the civil law side. On that side, there is court leapfrogging options and everything in specific tracks depending on the amount of a claim (seriously need to revise to remember the figures). Even solicitors don’t like family law because of the various complex aspects of it, not to mention that you’re dealing with the futures of children which can be emotionally challenging. And then I need to revise for my Maths exam in a few weeks. So basically, a proper nights sleep would make that so much easier. It would be nice to be able to sleep like a cat. They’re already asleep (well Dave and Mimi are asleep, Mister is outside and no doubt will wake me up asking to come in the window at stupid o clock).

I am aware that the next bit of this is going to sound a bit nuts, however, as regular visitors know… I am quite intuitive. I’ve tried so hard to shake this feeling off all night, but my cat is also acting different (he acts differently when I feel things, that is generally how it goes). He’s been extremely clingy to me (which he isn’t normally). He doesn’t seem ill. I can normally tell when he’s been ill because he doesn’t want to be around me. I know that he’s picking up what I am feeling. I would just like to point out if anyone plans on attacking me in any way, I am already one step ahead of them. I can feel it and the cat can too. I did say that it was going to sound nuts. I know that I have certain ‘trolls’ that do decide to attack me and did when I had my son. But please respect that we all move on and I have well and truly paid my dues for anything I’ve previously done. I was retaliating in every situation that I was in but because no one will ever tell the truth to those involved, I’m going to keep looking like I was awful on purpose because I felt like it forever. If others are committed to believing I’m a terrible person who had absolutely no right to go off on one in a major way about being discriminated against due to my disability traits, then they will continue to believe that. But if they can do it in private and keep away from aspects of my life then that will be great, thank you. 

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