In relation to local news/#blackcatday

I was shocked to see a local news article on my social networking news feed today in regards to documents with information relating to children, babies and unborn babies were found blowing around the city recently. They were all apparently about children that were at risk. There was some from my locality where my son would have been under the child protection team. Whether my son was actually at risk or they were making assumptions due to my disability label again… there is absolutely no way to prove that. This isn’t the point of this entry. I am open and honest about what happened with my son and in regards to how I messed up due to postnatal depression etc. I have nothing to hide in that department. The dates that those documents had on them were between 2010 and 2011. I was pregnant from mid-2011. I didn’t move back here until 2012, therefore, I’m hoping that my son’s details aren’t caught up in those documents.

I told my Mother about it earlier because I thought she’d like to know (in case her grandchild’s details have been leaked). She used to work for the council so she knew what the procedure is with their paperwork. Paperwork gets stored at county hall (most likely depends whether it’s city or county dependant upon the resident’s locality). It should apparently be destroyed after 6 years. It’s some kind of legal clause they have to abide by. And this brings me on to my final part on the 6 years clause. I know for a fact that myself and others have had things used that predate the 6-year mark used against them to get their children put on at-risk plans and a vast amount of them have led to adoptions. If it is a requirement to dispose of all paperwork after 6 years then using that information as part of the child protection proceedings must have been a breach of their legal regulations? There is no way of undoing our children’s adoptions. However, we can at least take this issue up with the council. I cannot promise that we will get anywhere, but if enough people raise the this then they at least have to attempt to look at it. They used the information against me to justify their decision from my teenage years (which was definitely before that time period). I urge anyone in this locality to quote this legal clause to the council and dispute what information they’ve used in child protection conferences. I will be doing it myself at some point when I have some free time. I have my Maths exam coming up and have to attend certain things so my time is limited. I’m definitely going to raise it though at some point in the near future.

I also heard that it was National Black Cat Day today. I have one that is black. Mimi. Apparently, it is lucky to own a black cat. I didn’t adopt her for that reason. I got my two cats as a pair from someone who was moving house and couldn’t take them with them. Two kittens, a girl, and a boy. Mimi was all black and her brother, Mister, was a black and white tuxedo looking cat. In celebration of black cat day, here are a few photos of Mimi.  I know she has wisps of white fur in places but shes only got them as she has got older. 

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