Sorted :)

I’ve got my leg sorted much better than I thought. The GP actually drained the fluid off of my knee. I normally used to get handed anti-inflammatories. I must admit though, this option seems a hell of a lot better. I instantly felt one hell of a relief after it had been drained. He injected anti-inflammatory into it. I could actually smile again because I could relax due to not feeling like I was constantly in a fight with that knee. It was like climbing a huge mountain every time I went for a walk. There was a syringe full of yellow fluid that had come out of my knee. I can now see why I felt so rough. Apparently, it is normal to have some of that on your knee but not the amount that had accumulated on mine. I have a follow-up appointment in 3 weeks so that he can see how it is doing.  I can see that it’s getting slightly bigger again which I’m hoping goes down in a few days. The thing injected into it takes a while to work anyway. I have it up so that it helps the situation regarding draining it. At least I’ll be able to sleep tonight without waking up in pain. It was at it’s worse last night. I felt like the fluid was strangling my knee. I weighed myself when the doctor went to fetch the chaperone. 10 stone is something I do not wish to be. It’s not horrendously bad, but I used to be at least a stone lighter.

I keep getting deja vu. I don’t know why. Maybe my dreams that I don’t remember etc. I get paranoid that it means something bad is going to happen. I cannot help it because I’ve had strings of awful luck already. I saw the weirdest number plate on a really sporty looking car yesterday. 999 RNA and this evening I saw one number I hate to see which is 1919. I see that as extremely bad luck. It means endings. In some respects, I do want endings to certain things but there is always the danger of it being an end to positive things too. Over the last couple of weeks since the court case concluded I have had things get more positive. I don’t want it to go back to the pain and suffering that I have experienced most of my life. I’m hoping it is endings to that pain and suffering I’ve been through on a permanent basis. I don’t mind having negative things in my life, but when it’s one after another hitting you when you’re down, it’s hard not to just lose it. I can’t help getting frustrated. I’m only human. I don’t know how the services and system, in general, expect people to put up with their treatment due to ignorance of their disability and not say something in retaliation. I most likely should have shut up but at the time my anger about everything was built up inside way too much to do that. I still get angry now.

Dave (cat) just jumped through the window and scared me because he knocked a load of things off of the kitchen side. He scared himself and I never saw him run that fast. He was across the room before I even got up to see what was going on. He then went to sleep on the sofa until some fireworks being set off outside woke him up. He is such a cheeky cat. He practically pushed his way into living here. He doesn’t stop following me around. I had to clear the things off of the kitchen floor because he had made a mess. I am going to attempt to do the housework tomorrow because I haven’t been able to move enough to do it the whole week. I’ve been cleaning the washing machine tonight (so much black bits building up in it). I’ve soaked them off of the draw and inner draw. I am then going to put baking soda crystals in the drum on 90 degrees. That should clean it in the drum and get any black I can’t see out of the pipes. I also need to wash my hair too because I’ve been oiling it daily with coconut and now it’s starting to get a mixture of greasy and matted. I am glad that it’s starting to grow because it actually looks longer now. I keep looking at myself in the mirror thinking I am starting to look like that Kate off of Coronation Street. And before anyone starts again, I am not a lesbian like she is. End of subject, it’s something I will not discuss. I probably should say I swing that way to local guys who insist on sending me messages talking about their lower regions and threatening to show me a photo of it. Yuck, I do not wish to see it. It’s something that you get a lot of being a young female user of the internet.