I am still awake. I was going to go to sleep until I got awoken by a noise. The cats woke up too (but they were already asleep). They looked at where the noise was coming from and then at me like they expected me to go to investigate. The noise was outside and the window is now closed so it’s safe now. The cats have gone back to sleep. I’m the only one unable to sleep here. I sleep with the light on because I am afraid of the dark. There is a valid reason for that, a dark figure used to wake me up. It shook me and blew down my ears etc. I know it sounds crazy but if I have the light on it doesn’t happen. And if my cats are on the bed, it also doesn’t happen. I told it to basically F off and it’s not come back in a year. It’s weird because it’s happened living in this area more than it ever did when I lived down south. I can’t remember it ever happening down there even when I lived on my own. 

I really don’t feel well.  I have the worse headache ever. I was having meltdowns and whacked my head on the wall. I now regret doing that because it made me dizzy and left me with a headache.

On a serious not though, before I go completely off topic, I am going to predict my own future. I’m going by what I feel. It is a commonly known tale about individuals feeling when their time is nearly at an end. I feel that strongly at this moment in time. I do not see myself being alive by the end of next year. I am too exhausted all the time. I haven’t been well for a while and that struggle has got seriously exhausting for me. Right now, I think that I won’t be here this time next year. Every single day is a struggle and I feel weak. It’s horrible being that exhausted that you just cry because you’re that drained. That is me on a daily basis, and I cannot survive like this much longer. I know that it’s going to get me soon.