A day of sorting things out.

I sorted a few things out while I was over in the city today. I went to sort out my probation appointment and now I do not have to go to induction appointment tomorrow. I meet my probation officer on Thursday. It wasn’t what I expected. I thought that I would get a lot of attitude towards me. But the guy was actually quite nice. And he agreed with me about the state of the system around here.

I’m quite surprised and so was he at how much detail I supplied on the what contributes to my offending form. There was a mention that it was purely all about money. I told him how I’d been let down and now not getting any services.

I also may have talked myself into a future job opportunity (I’m like one of the few people that can pull this off on a regular basis when I really get on one and forget my shyness). He asked me what I wanted to do when I did eventually start some form of career and mentioned that another ex service user with similar issues to mine ended up getting a job with them within an advocate role. It’s a way in to a professional role if anything else doesn’t work out.

I know that there are conviction targets operating in this area… I saw them with my own eyes as a 18 year old. I dug them up and then I was made out to be ‘mad’ and then ‘made to disappear’.and by the state of those courts (how busy they were) the other day, I would suggest that those targets have been considerably risen and the comment about it all being about money from the guy working in probation is another hint. I managed to dig this information up as a teenager, so I am sure that journalists with many years of experiences can find it too. They’ve already published about the amount of suspended sentences given out. That is another hint that there is conviction targets because to get one of those there has to be a conviction made. The convictions that I got for breaking the restraining order was broken into three separate breaches. This also is a hint that charges have monetary reward for this area. I’ve never received convictions in any other county, so instead of making assumptions and laying into me for things I didn’t do on purpose and coming to the conclusions that I’m bad or mad, those that have laid into me should follow the trail on this topic. If I could do it at 18 years old then someone of journalism experience (I had none back then) can easily uncover it.