Please stop malicious gossip.

Now, I’m not being paranoid because I have had several people suddenly delete me off of social networks (some of them in this locality). I know the group of people that may be behind this and I ask them to STOP. The actions that you are doing is bullying. I made my mistakes due to my disability. The group of people discussing things with people that I know (some of those they’ve caused to delete me are those that I see regularly in day to day life, which makes this even harder for me to move on with things). I know that some things have been said behind my back because of the reactions I’m getting from people. I feel the atmosphere, okay, and I would like people to refrain from gossiping now that the case is over and neither of the parties will be having any more to do with each other ever again. The fact that people are still saying things about me behind my back after it’s all been concluded isn’t fair on me. So, I’m asking people nicely to please stop this behaviour behind my back. You do NOT know the full facts or who I really am. I am prepared to keep myself to myself and all I ask is for others not to discuss me or anything that has happened in the past behind my back. I was given a chance to start life again and put everything behind me the other day. I have paid £400 in victim compensation (this will be the figure after the final £100 is paid), not forgetting £260 court costs when trying to get the order appealed. I have well and truly paid my dues for my mistakes. I have a flat that is falling apart and needs decorating, but due to the money I simply do not have now, that is not going to happen for the foreseeable future. I have been punished and I’ve paid for everything I did by accident due to my disability. I don’t deserve anything else. 

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