Mental Illness is a disability… like other types of disability, equals same understanding needed.

I’m slightly able to string a written sentence together properly now. I went for a nap because I needed it after the Gym. It may not be a long paragraph but it’s a start. I have just had a Quorn tikka curry after waking up, so now I’m fully awake. I don’t have a lot of money (overspent) so I cannot ‘go out’ apart to places I’ve pre payed. E.g. The Gym.

Anyway, my topic tonight is how people are more understanding of physical disability than anything thet affects a person mentally. It is probably a repeated topic but something that I have strong opinions about. I get called dangerous and deluded for my disability traits, yet those with physical disability don’t have to put up with that  emotional abuse. I’m not anything along those lines. I am different and I’ve had to put up with crap from others because they don’t understand it. They is why I barely go out now because I’m fed up of people judging me and making me out to be an awful or a weird person. We don’t get Support when we are struggling. We get punished and basically told to ‘get over things’ or ‘get on with things’. Or, mostly in my case, learn how to socially be acceptable or suffer severe punishment. Quite frankly, I find it unfair. Those with physical disability can have friends because they aren’t complete social rejects. And if you want to be scientific here, others are being more ignorant than they are aware because every physical disability is caused by the brain. But, that is for a much more in depth topic when I have my memory and thinking capacity back properly. I just cannot stand how we are picked on and punished for our disabilities because others make arrogant assumptions. Every time I acted ‘abnormally’, I in fact was struggling and needed someone. I didn’t need punishment and being metaphorically ‘held against a wall’.