Durr brained today!

I still can’t particularly string a decent piece of written paragraph together, so please bare with me. I’m hoping that normal service is resumed soon. Im typing this at the Gym while chilling out on the exercise bike for a bit. I’m on here for about 20 minutes so it’s the perfect time to get my blog entry done for the day.

I don’t have a lot to say because I feel quite durr brained still. I forgot my name this morning. It’s easier to exercise in this durr mode because it doesn’t feel like much effort. I’m not condoning getting stoned or drunk before exercise (and I’m not but this is the feeling that I can compare to my durr brainedness. See, I’m even making up words haha. On a serious note though. I hope I’m not completely going to forget everything. I look an idiot when someone asks me what my name is and I’m just like… erm. That’s what I mean about focusing on the past. I can’t remember what went on back then. I’m not saying that out of convenience. I genuinely have no recollection more and more recently. I had glimpses before and I know that I’ve been quite hurt by the actions of others. I remembered vaguely why but not the exact details. Now I’m starting to not remember a thing. In some cases, we all must admit here that this maybe a blessing. I can start over without feeling hurt from the past. After being someone that held onto every single hurt like a terrier, this would be a huge relief for me. And, I know this will be the same for others.