Others have to see sense and quickly !

I have just read a letter from my solicitor. They are going to put me through a custody and no bail situation to get me to the court where they’re probably going to imprison me because everyone thinks I’m a really awful person for my disability traits. I’m not trying to get out of any thing or messing  about here. I cannot go through all that because these are all my ptsd triggers mixed into one! If I’m forced into that situation then I will be mentally scarred for life. I have tried so hard to explain to others that I psychologically can’t hear anything to do with the case.

It’s going to cause me severe psychological damage. It takes one phone call to drop all of this. I fully get that’s the other person will never love me and we won’t ever be friends. Now please do something for me. I know that their friends are supporting them in doing this to me but I do not deserve it. They don’t know me enough to realise this. I have tried to explain things but they did not listen to me. They wanted me to come to the conclusion above and now I have, so please be fair! You’re all backing  He system practically psychologically traumatising me for life when all I ever wanted was a friend! I may not be like you lot but that doesn’t make me evil enough to deserve all the court stuff. Please all discuss it and do the right thing… my disability isn’t a choice and I have been through hell the last few years too. But you don’t know my side and the things that have happened behind closed doors or how I no longer go out because I am traumatised.