Flat exchanges / money needed.

I don’t normally ask for things like this but I’m desperate to achieve what is going to be best for me. Mentally, I have to get away from this area (where I grew up). I’m 99% sure that I cannot bare it until the end of my tenancy. If anyone is looking to relocate to the Leicestershire area (it’s not right for me but it might be for others) then please contact me and tell me where your flat/house is located, the rent per calendar month and we will arrange to look around both of our places… then make a decision to go for it or not. I have been looking, but most people want to move within the area that they already have a flat/house in. I cannot afford to live in the Southern areas of the country (near London). I am prepared to consider anywhere else. It must be privately rented because I’m not a council tenant. 

And, I have had a load of expense, so I really need to find a way of earning quick money back. If anyone knows of any ways that I could earn money (writing jobs etc) either as a one off or a regular thing please let me know.

I have cancelled all direct messaging options (due to resent personal attacks linked to the reason I’m moving away), but feel free to put a note on ASSGO fb page under this entry if you can assist in what I have asked above.