Qualifications and grades.

It is getting annoying with regards to them changing grade requirements to new criteria constantly. We can’t keep up as mature learners. I heard that my gcses are now only valid for 5 years if I want to use them to get into university with them. I think that they may make allowances if you have A levels (as far as I know they do not expire). Gcses never used to expire at one time. I am held back by my lack of Maths ability (however that is improving a lot more than it used to be).

I have just finished my homework at 2am. I didn’t get in till late. I had to go to the hospital with stomach pains. It does seem that I’ve damaged myself. I was swollen and bloated for a reason, not just due to fat. I still feel quite sore 😦 … I’m very tired and should be asleep by now. I woke up to drive myself home (I have no choice because there’s no family or friends to take me places). It’s not a good idea to drive in pain but I didn’t have a choice. I stopped every time a stabbing pain happened. It wasn’t painful in comparison to childbirth. Kidneys are starting to complain about painkillers etc. I can’t go back on them again now otherwise I might end up destroying my organs completely. I woke up shivering and it aches where I’m still bloated.

In regards to qualifications being phased out. I did a btec national diploma in media production and they’ve invalidated that now. I got it in 2010 after two years of attending college down in Bedfordshire. And now all certifications are too old pre 2013. I could use it to secure a media job, but not to get into university. I used that previously to get into university because I did get a decent grade D,M,M. I have a huge amount of qualifications though. I have a few computer ones – ECDL level 1 and 2 alongside a few others key skills level 1 in ICT and NCFE level 2 IT users. I got my NCFE equality and diversity level 2 in 2015. I’ve done a few CPD related courses via futurelearn portal Online over the last few years. Those were in the subjects of   psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurture, Crime, Justice and Society (average test score 79% printed on it). I can only use those ones to secure something in the job market, not  to get into university. I had managed to pass my adult literacy level 2 in 2007 before I did my btec national. Then I recently got my gcses – English C, Maths E (trying to pass that again), Psychology  C, Sociology B and Biology C. I have got my entry level 3 maths in functional skills. I’m doing level 1 in maths functional skills this year and hopefully level 2 (providing I pass in Feb). I will then be able to redo my gcse next year. I’m really hoping that they don’t turn around and tell me that my gcses are expired by the time I do get to apply to university. I am going to make sure that I have the required A levels just in case. I need A’s and B’s in two subjects. If I manage to get a C or above in my law gcse this year and pass the maths gcse next year I will have the grades required to do an A level programme locally or even if I move that is the general requirement for any college offering that kind of course set up. It is a requirement of 5 gcses or above. I’m doing okay on the law gcse assignments. I received 86% on my last law assignment and I mainly lost marks on the technical parts in relation to things being changed for trainee barristers and solicitors due to various act changes and focusing too much on the qualifying route rather than the actual every day job duties. The hardest thing is going to be remembering the things for the exam. I need to make sure I convert everything to long term memory because my short term memory is letting me down more and more.