Made a few decisions.

Due to recent trolling. I have made a few drastic decisions. These are not normally decisions that I would normally take. I’ve handed the main website over to someone else. I have made my personal profile friends only. There is no longer a comment option on the blog. And what annoys me is the fact that I get locked out of both my Gmail accounts (college and new personal one) after I reported this troll. I’m ringing the company up tomorrow because it’s the only way that I can keep on top of everything that they might be trying to do behind my back. I definitely haven’t violated the terms and conditions on my personal email because I’ve barely used it since I opened it. It might just be an error that’s knocked out both my accounts, however, I feel it is more to do with the troll situation.

I refuse to be a target for the troll that has been trying (and succeeding) to ruin my life for years. I have been through enough and my health can not take any more stress. I just want to be alone. Vindictiveness is something that was never my motives. I made mistakes. I will be paying for those mistakes for the rest of my life due to things on my record. I can’t deal with those that constantly bring up things when I’m trying to move on. I’m hurt by things that have happened enough without constant crap from this troll. I know exactly who she is (and so do some of my friends who have also had dealings with her). I also know that her false reports put my son on a child protection plan and then subsequently got him placed for adoption. That is why I’ve reported her. She brought my son into it. I don’t want her going anywhere near my son at any point in his life. I can’t be bothered with the childish bullsh*t anymore. Those that troll do not have a life. They get a kick out of pulling another person apart. And, in this case, a kick out of ruining their life too.

I’m suffering enough on a personal level right now okay. I most likely will never get over my past completely. I already can’t sleep. I have horrific dreams at times and sometimes wake up feeling like someone’s hands are on me shaking me. I simply cannot bring myself to trust anyone now. I cry myself to sleep when I do manage to sleep. I’m completely exhausted and I am trying my best to carry on with life. I go for a walk every day (long walk 2 hours, 18 minutes today). I get through my days with painkillers and also sleeping tablets (when I can get hold of them). I was getting over things more a year ago than I am nowadays though.