Month: September 2017

  • Please stop malicious gossip.

    Now, I’m not being paranoid because I have had several people suddenly delete me off of social networks (some of them in this locality). I know the group of people that may be behind this and I ask them to STOP. The actions that you are doing is bullying. I made my mistakes due to […]

  • Secluded interval necessary!

    I am aware that I have been quieter than normal online for the last couple of days. I undeniably need some time to myself in order to get over the trauma of the previous few days. I am endeavoring to steer clear of conversing with others at this moment in time. The main concern is […]

  • I’m tired / moving on now (well trying to, but it’s hard).

    I’m exhausted from the last few days events. I did not get away with anything. I have to attend probation and be treated quite harshly at times on rehabilitation of offenders programme. That may sound easy to those that haven’t experienced them. I’ve not personally experienced one yet, but I’m due to be having my first […]

  • Well it’s over…

    I have just spent a whole day in custody awaiting court and I’m extremely lucky to still have most of my freedom! I have since come out and blocked everything relating to the other person on all social networks. I do not want them linked with me at all after this! I got 18 months […]

  • I’m close to giving up education.

    I realised tonight that I do not want to keep going with education. It doesn’t make me satisfied and I constantly feel stressed out trying to make a grade that could be impossible for me due to my learning disabilities associated with my Asperger Syndrome. If I wasn’t so exhausted all the time I probably […]