Things are all starting to add up…

I’ve passed certain details on to friends of mine. They are currently on to the task of unmasking the i.p address being used by this other person trolling me. If it is who I and my friends suspect (many of those friends have been witness to this other person too because they hurled a load of abuse at them too), then the penny is starting to drop. Everything that has been manipulated somehow makes sense now. There are things coming back to me from comments they have made in their recent communications. I am 99% sure now that they gave some false information about me over to the university that I used to be at… something about security there saying they’d received information and wanted to ask about it. They asked me things that I just thought was due to the fact that they didn’t understand certain aspects of my disability. 

If it is the person we are suspecting, then there is a good chance that it was the same person manipulating that situation as the one that got my son taken away with false reporting throughout my pregnancy and when he was born. I have no chance if others are believing the person behind my back. It is imperative that I am informed if this has occurred. I can assure others that I do not deserve what they’ve done and are still trying to do to me. I hold my hands up to the mistakes I’ve made, but I made those mistakes due to disability, not evilness. I didn’t know any better. I hadn’t learned those skills because I’m quite inexperienced in regards to social things. I fear that if I don’t sort out the troll now, they’re going to ruin every relationship and opportunity that I try to obtain. 

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  1. hahaha you are afraid to say my name. weakling… ues i played a roll in everything and continue to do so. You DONT know who i am and as for my ip…. you will always read it wrong. You are a nothing and deserbe what has happemd to you and what will happen.


      • But, I do not know that is your real name. You may have never used your real name… mary adams.

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      • Haha you so full of shit. You cant prove anything. Anyway i will tell “Johnny” that you never loved him. Ps. he loves my big hugs. He is so greatfull.


      • You are right. But hes always happy when i visit him. He has beautiful parents. for his heart… his REAL PARENTS


      • If you are who I think you are, I don’t want you visiting him.


      • Too bad. I visit him every two weeks. He loves it. Hes such a happy boy always smiling and he loves to give me hugs


      • You’re a complete stranger to him. The authorities must be insane if they let someone who has terriorised the childs mother for years, visit him.

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      • I can expose you for what you have done to me and then you would never be allowed near again!

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    • Hahaha yes ofcourse they would believe you! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


      • Can’t argue with things in black and white. You forward information to everywhere I go and to everyone I’ve known. They believe that.


      • You are nobodies mate…

        But I must thank you – While i have not yet been able to obtain your real IP address, and yes it can be done – You have gave plenty for people to work with… So thank you.

        Lets also be 100% clear on something here – While I am a friend of your ‘Victim’… I do not pretend to know her full story! Just as You do not know mine – Oh yes … I am 100% sure you know me, I know you know who I am… I recognized your typing style and I know you recognize mine!

        Sadly, Knowing how you type – Does not mean I can 100% identify you. Your typing style is very common… But I am 100% sure we know one another via Facebook…

        There is a lot of your ‘Victims’ Story I do not know 100% – No offence to Em, but obviously anyone who has had any involvement with social services is always treated with a little caution – Damn, If Em 100% trusted me I would call her INSANE! I have had them in my life… SHE SHOULD BE DAMN WELL CAUTIOUS OF ME!

        But lets get this 100% clear shall we… What you are doing is NO BETTER THAN WHAT YOU ARE ACCUSING EM OF!

        Right now, Like it or not – You are committing an act of ABUSE! One day her son may find these blogs… He may read all this BS…


        So you are accusing One person, but committing the same offences!!! FACT!

        Em, Going to say this very clear to you – You are looking in the wrong place. This is indeed by their own confession someone who has had their fingers in from day 1, but its NOT an Authority figure…

        Who it is will soon be revealed though- I do not even need to do any tracing now… If you see what I see, you already have the power to end this!


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