In a foul mood! (time to say how I really feel)

I slept the whole day in bed. I just can’t be bothered today. I’m in a foul mood. I know that it mainly due to that time of the month because I’m extremely bloated (this makes me miserable too). I am going to take this opportunity, while I’m in this foul mood, to not hide how I feel in a ‘grin and bear it’ manner. I have tried to do this for a long time. I’m sick of others pushing me to move on and let others get away with what they’ve done to me. That has been extremely hard for me. I can’t be expected to forget everything that I have been subjected to.

I got treated extremely badly for reacting to things that were done to me. They can’t expect people to not react to that kind of treatment. I was promised that I’d be helped, rather than punished by several members of that university. Then I was thrust into the punishment route and due to the fact that I could not be how others wanted, I got thrown out of an opportunity that meant so much to me! I’ve had to live with that and continually got punished for fighting back for the last 2 years. The friends of the other person that have spoken to me really should get to properly know their ‘friend’. If the other person was like they say then, all selfless and caring, then they wouldn’t have done what they did to me. They don’t really know their ‘friend’ at all or they’re just as horrible as them. I want the other person sacked from their job. That is all they cared about. They didn’t think about what they were subjecting me to. Then they ‘giving it all that’ to their ‘friends’ that I victimised them and tormented them.

They did this to me first. They shoved me in front of the higher ups of the University without no explanation and then never spoke to me again after previously promising me that kicking me out wasn’t even on the cards. I never got that explanation or was told the full facts until a ‘friend’ of hers got talking to after it had been thrown into court and everything. That isn’t acceptable and I don’t care how much they protest about being the one with the clean record so that they’re in the right. 

It is not right what has been done to me! I am not a bad person. I was always honest about my capabilities of my abilities due to my disability issues. I feel that my honesty was used against me to get everyone else involved off the hook and scapegoat me. I can no longer go out socialising because it’s affected me so much. I can barely even go for a walk at the moment. I can’t just ‘move on’. I’m still very hurt. I hate the other person involved and I never thought I’d get to that point. 

I did use to like them and protect their point of view when friends of mine wanted to ‘go give them a talking to’. I’m now completely cold towards them. I wouldn’t even piss on them if they were on fire! I’m quite laid back and understanding, but there is no way that I take all of this… and from what I can gather, when reading between the lines of what I have been told, this was done to because they were making sure that their career was protected by any means. I may not even be able to get a proper career because of all this crap they’ve put on my record. But, they never thought about anyone but themselves when carrying out these actions towards me. And I’m supposed to just ‘sit back’ and accept it being blamed for everything and making out that I’m ‘evil’ and ‘vile’ for trying to protect my interests. I don’t want to enter onto a personal level here, but some people are too selfish to have children of their own. 

8 thoughts on “In a foul mood! (time to say how I really feel)

  1. you never learn do you… everything you say will be recorded. just like at the police station when you were a fat cunt. i remember you all to well in there. and after that record veing pregnant and thinking you had right to sam’s kid. NO way. and now you suffer more…


    1. First before you start bashing people ya should think about yourself and your own idiotic choices. Don’t be calling someone a fat xunt etc. That’s fucked up and you wouldn’t like it it I called you a face without skin, mind you someone might have just peeled the ugly off your face and showed the world your true colors. Don’t fuck with this girl. Leave her the fuck alone. Go play with yourself in a very busy highway.


  2. hahaha you think im your exes ex. hahsha you stupid little girl… you know nothing.. like i told you i habe been watching you for years. i even saw you fucking sam in public you cunt. i know so much about you and you will suffer more and more for what you did. PS thank your 2 half sisters for me…


    1. I haven’t ever done anything like that with anyone in public. And my son wasn’t sams. We didn’t know each other then. I wouldn’t put it passed either of my half sisters to be involved with this trolling. I didn’t do anything and I paid for everything I have done in my past. I know your exact location. Would you like me to commit suicide to ‘give you what you think I deserve?’


  3. hahah the commit suicide for the millionth time. we bkth know you wont do it. it is one of your useless threats. your pathetic and you always will be after court. i will see you there. i will be there in the background..


  4. Dude or chick. Don’t know which one you are but it seems you are very obsessed on this lady. You obviously are not content in your own life so you have to attack and berate others in your desperate attempt in achieving some sort of self worth. It’s really pathetic and sad that you have to resort to attacking others to make you feel better in your big persons pants.


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