Moving on…

I now have a new voluntary job. I’m a member of a promotional team for The One Million Project. I basically am promoting the charities work. Thier proceeds go to homelessness and cancer projects. I have to promote the work of the authors, artists, and musicians that write and produce things for the project. The current promotion is an Anthology (collection of short stories) which is due to be available in a few months. It could also help me in regards to potentially doing something else under self-publishing because they provide a supportive environment full of those that have the knowledge and contacts. 

I have been told that my work and experience fits completely into some of their other charity projects away from the main issues they collect money for. Eg. A cultural diversity blog (I’ve been encouraged to take part in this) and a more mainstream one. I don’t know how it’s going to work yet but I’ve joined their training centre. I don’t only land myself a promotional job, but potentially on the side writing opportunities too. I applied via because I wanted opportunities that I could do from home (due to how tired I am currently feeling, and I don’t like to feel lazy). I didn’t know that I’d come across anything suitable. However, I think I’ve just found something completely suitable. 

I am also sick of the troll that keeps coming to upset me on purpose. I received their comments and I’m definitely at that point where I will get them traced. It said on the news today that hate crime online is going to be taken into account just like things that are said on the street. I will report them. I do not care if they are using a masked IP (coming up as Mexico). I will find them and even go to their door to confront them if the UK say it’s out of their jurisdiction. I will forcibly bring the evidence and the person to the UK to face justice if I need to because it’s been going on for over 3/4 years now. I have had enough. If I can get done for wanting a friend and not doing that kind of thing in malice, then this person who has been targeting me should be brought to justice for trolling maliciously. I’m not being nice anymore. It was by being nice and passive, that I got myself labeled negatively.

I never stood up for myself… so that starts now. I will act cold and disconnected with all those that have hurt me because they do not deserve my compassion and understanding. I have let others get away with taking me for granted and treat me like I’m cheap. Those that I wanted who betrayed me can no longer have me. I will not be acting like a lap dog waiting for a point in the future where someone I liked may want me. I’m not going to say whatever and welcome them back with open arms after those people have done what they did to me. It’s not just now. It’s happened to me when I was younger too. I’m not going to beg anyone to be my friend or to be in my life at all. If someone can’t appreciate who I am, then they do not deserve me and I’m not going to be bending over backwards and apologising for things I may have said in anger. It makes no difference because it means nothing to them if the other person doesn’t value the one making the apology and trying to make amends.

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  1. And btw it is not an online hate crime.. im in the system so i lnow that. i have been folowing you since your crimes. i dont care if you changed you will pay for what you did deeply..


    • I didn’t do anything maliciously though, I wanted a friend and because of my autism I couldn’t do it.


  2. Em:

    The One Million Project is awesome.

    I’d encourage you to join The Cultural Bridge – you will learn so much and give so much back.

    I also read in Sp!ked about the current hate crime laws. It does seem that a lot of First World/Anglosphere nations are strengthening their hate crime laws and their online enforcement – much more so than 15 years ago when it was a much more freewheeling world.

    “It was by being nice and passive that I got myself labelled negatively”. When you conform and comply you can’t win. And you get that way you don’t even want to win.

    I hope the people in your life are there because they want to be there and because you want them there.


    • I was told to cooperate. That is what annoys me.


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