Fighting Labels — Refusing to stay on the ‘Vulnerable Adult List’ And, on a Section 117 Aftercare when I’m not any support for my disability issues.

I got up at 6 am this morning to buy an envelope to send my complaint letter regarding being on the vulnerable adult’s list and still subject to a Section 117 aftercare when I am no longer receiving any services. If I don’t get off of that list and that aftercare thing (which is not being used so that status is a waste of funding because it gets given to the council for me), then it will affect any future career in the field of Psychology. I already feel that I am judged as below others for being subject to these labels. I also firmly believe that others who I liked would have had more respect for me if I hadn’t got plastered with these things by the council. It is also a source of frustration which affects my OCD behaviour problems too. The frustration of being unable to ‘live a normal life’ Every decision you make being risk assessed by the council and them shoving their nose in with contacts etc is something I find psychologically abusive. 

The area I used to live in when I was down South didn’t do things the way they do here. They worked more constructively as a council, rather than destructively. However, they still found an issue with me wanting to have a child. But, I didn’t get involved with the police because things were dealt with sensibly. There were no throwing contracts in front of professionals saying that they must sign it as part of a ‘support plan deal’. 

It’s the same under every council, everything single thing that a person labelled as ‘vulnerable and on certain criteria’s (these criteria’s are supposed to get funded services – they also are there to control and dictate’) always take a risk assessment of everything. For example, there have been instances where a vulnerable adult has wanted to get married, but the council social workers have concluded no because ‘the woman with mild learning disabilities did not understand the full impact of her choice’. The private social worker assessments would most likely be supportive of someone with a disability that wanted to have a child or get married. This is due to the fact that all services provided by the council are run on targets. 

The lives of our most vulnerable members of society are being ruined due to cuts and monetary targets. I know for a fact that the county I live in is very much performance related targets because they lack the funding from other resources. The performances that their targets rewards are not beneficial to anyone. I have presented a strong argument and also told them that I will take my complaint higher than the council if I need to. That could result in them being seen to have ‘failed me’ in regards to the ‘help’ that I have not received. There is a need to be direct with councils because they will fob you off and make you put up with things that you aren’t comfortable with if you don’t be firm. 

 Now that I know everything that happened (because I heard some things and dug the other half up), I am more against staying on their books as a vulnerable and on the Section 117 aftercare criteria. They’re getting paid to offer me support services that I am not getting. Therefore, I do not think it is right that they’re being paid that money while I’m getting nothing and having to help myself. They refuse to let me have a life (which would dramatically help get rid of my OCD issues). That is what caused my OCD problems in the first place. The frustration of not being accepted and not being able to participate in life like everyone else is my route cause. The council that is supposed to provide help for that is, in fact, causing it.

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