Assumptions made when diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

I have been trying to get my Mum’s internet working properly communicating via message service with the service provider all day. It is working at the moment, however, it keeps going off intermittently. Especially at certain times which seem to be consistent every week. I got the blame for breaking my Mothers fridge when she had one side of the bottom shelf tapped on one side. The other side naturally gave away eventually. And it happened to be when I touched it. She does this all around her house. She will not properly repair things. Instead, she tries to fix it with tape etc and then things literally fall apart in my hands. I keep forgetting my glasses are on top of my head today. I only need them for reading so it’s where I put them when I’m not using them for that (when they’re not in the case of course). I’m forgetting everything right now… to the point where it’s starting to cause me issues. eg. I’ve lost important paperwork. I’m hoping that I didn’t throw it away with rubbish by accident. I’m literally losing it that much. I have brilliant long term memory (abnormal compared to other people, and I also remember the small details, including whole conversations word for word), but increasingly awful short term memory. I know that my short term memory is getting worse and you do need a bit of that working to convert everything to long term memory. 

I do not like the assumptions that other people make when they know I have Asperger Syndrome. I may sort technical problems but I am not that way inclined. There are people who assume that just because I have Asperger Syndrome I am a wiz kid in regards to technology and computers. This isn’t me. They assume that I have some kind of amazing intelligence to genius level. That is also not me. I have lower than normal intelligence with learning difficulties in a few areas. Although, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that they weren’t actually learning difficulties, but, gaps in my knowledge due to lack of schooling (because I have made an effort to fill in the gaps I missed growing up). I’m an atypical Asperger because I do not fit into the assumptions above. I’m obviously not as thick as people thought I was when I was younger, due to finding out everything that has ever gone on behind my back (see previous entry). I am more likely to be somewhat a dark horse when it comes to abilities I wasn’t even aware that I had until recently.

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  1. Hi Em:

    This week I had a computer problem.

    It was to do with audio and video and plug-ins on the Mac. It extended to Flash crashing and Java.

    Fortunately I was able to use a hack – GarageBand and MIDI. I always knew MIDI was friendly and a game changer since 1991 when I learnt about it in MacWorld and 1992 with my first keyboard. [25 years anniversary now of the Casio in my life – looking forward then to the football season and my last days of being 13].

    Yes – that whole hammer/nail problem. When you haven’t that systems engineering mindset everything looks like a roll of tape. Or whatever your default problem solving method tends to be.

    I wanted to talk about the structural problems with the fridge that your mother might not fully understand or have a obscured spot to. [looking behind the back of her head and seeing what is in front of her].

    I am glad you and your supporters now appreciate the differences between learning difficulties, learning disabilities and the gaps in learning from an inadequately resourced and invested schooling [I could not call that education].

    Glasses – this seems to be a spatial forgetting/inattention? Or habituation as I think you studied in your Psychology course – if it were a well-grounded one. I learnt that one late – ten years ago – from a Canadian friend, Ettina.


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