I will not be backing down.

I won’t be backing down on my views regarding the case against me. I will not be cooperating in any shape or form. I am trying to get therapy etc. Therefore, I am trying my best to make up for everything. I have apologised and tried to get all involved to know what has occurred. I also paid the victims compensation £400 in full. However, they all refuse to work together to sort it out. I did what I need to do, but after that, they added more charges to my name. Most likely these charges are new laws that have been enacted and the system is trying to use them. 

I will NEVER be going to that court. If it takes years to get others to see sense. Then I’m prepared to be stubborn for that long. I will be continually sticking to my position. I’m not contacting the person.  That is what others want. Therefore, persecuting me is not fair. Others wanted what they wanted. I’m doing what they wanted. Others are now being unfair holding things against me that weren’t all my fault. I’m told that I should have empathy towards how others feel. That works both ways. I see the others point of views, however, they’re refusing to see mine. I’m being put through things that I do not deserve. This is the bottom line. I am punished for my feelings too.  I have to stick up for myself. I no longer want to let others just walk all over me because I’m different. I’ve let that happen the whole of my life.