Getting back on track!

Well, I can’t say that I’ve done that much today. But, I have done enough. I did some of my college work. I slept in (well it is a Sunday). I’m planning my schedule for the week. I’m going to make sure I push myself to the Gym again because I’m starting to gain weight again. More people read my ‘pity party for one’ entries than they did my positive one last night. It seems to be that way a lot. There is obviously a percentage of people who like reading negative posts, much higher than the ones that want to read positive posts. 

I did muscle exercises for the last two days. 80 stomach crunches, 80 leg flicks, 40 bum/hip lifts, 40 bum lifts (another type of exercise), 60 seconds plank, 30 seconds side planks and 60 leg lifts each day. I was getting flabby and have been quite lazy when I was down, so I felt that I had to start exercising. I can feel that I’ve done it. It aches so much when you first start exercising after a few week breaks. Aching is a good sign though because that means they should tighten up and tone (which is the result that I want). 

I was watching the film Mister Magorium’s Wonder Emporium earlier. I want to know more about my abilities and who I am supposed to be. These films really wake up my mind to the possibility that things exist which we cannot understand. I have had huge problems because of my Asperger Syndrome. But, I know that I am the way that I am for a reason. I’ve met so many people in my life that have told me that I have a ‘spark’ about me when I’m happy (although right now I cannot say that I’m ‘happy’). I’d really love to know what it is because I believe that I have a purpose and have been through everything that I have due to life pushing me in that direction.