I’m over it. I’m done with heartbreak.

I am still quite tired because I didn’t sleep very well last night. However, I am over the heartbreak that I felt. I go through the stages of relationship grieving quite quickly once things appear clear cut. I will no longer allow the other person to make me feel upset, confused and worthless. It doesn’t matter whether that was their intention. That is how I felt. That is the same as me not being able to control how I made them feel because that is down to their reactions to my behaviour. I felt hurt and completely utterly let down by the other person and that was my reaction to the situation. It ‘s clear cut now. They don’t care about me. I no longer care. I have cried a lot over this situation. I have barely slept for a few years and it’s affected my health. I don’t need the stress given to me by someone who never wanted me as a friend. I’ve also hardened myself up after all this because I will never again let someone in my life so easily. I’m guarded now. I have my barriers firmly up coated with solid metal plating. It will never be over for me. The situation still has to go to court at some point unless common sense prevails now I’m doing what the other person wants me to do. There’s no more room for arguments because I won’t be burdening them again. I won’t be treated like I’m not wanted and talked about behind my back to all their mates.

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