Very Stressed!

The court hearing is still on tomorrow. I’m not turning up because I am scared of courts. There is no one around me that gets the anxiety that I feel going into that building. It’s not just the prospect of prison. The whole environment strikes fear right into me. I feel everything. Those places are horrible environments because everyone is creating conflict against each other. I can’t stand conflict. I just want peace after everything that has happened in my life. I didn’t make my mistakes on purpose. I wasn’t told the full facts. I wasn’t given the right support at the university or outside with from the services. None of this is right. I wish that others would just see sense and drop everything. I’ve learned my lesson and it was important that everyone involved knew what had gone on. 

2 thoughts on “Very Stressed!

  1. I sometimes wonder if I may be aspie…I mean…I have wondered for years…every test I do tells me it’s very likely…but I just not sure a diagnoses would help me? I have just recently been diagnosed with BPD, and that has been helping…but I see so many similarities between your thought processes and mine…anyway…just rambling…just really wanted to say is that I do read these everyday…and can relate so much…hope things level out for you soon…


  2. The only involvement I’ve had with the court system was having to provide ample evidence of having a difficulty be with Aspergers as well as Diabetes either way often people seem to think that, only incapacitating physical difficulties tend to count.
    Anyways, I sincerely do hope that your experience in court tomorrow will not be too unpleasant.


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