Month: August 2017

  • I want to make a few things clear…

    Regardless what a certain troll may be spouting. I am not a bad person. Yes, there has been a rather unfortunate turn of events over the last couple of years. These wouldn’t have happened if all involved had dealt with the situation appropriately. I hold my hands up in that respect too. I shouldn’t have […]

  • Completely had enough!

    I’m absolutely fed up of being ‘left out’. It is completely wrong. I’m just as talented and intelligent as those that are accepted by others. I probably work harder (I sometimes work 24/7), and it is NEVER good enough. I don’t deserve to be judged for things that happened. Especially now the truth has come […]

  • Things are all starting to add up…

    I’ve passed certain details on to friends of mine. They are currently on to the task of unmasking the i.p address being used by this other person trolling me. If it is who I and my friends suspect (many of those friends have been witness to this other person too because they hurled a load […]

  • Fed up and tired!

    I’m not trying to moan but it’s going to come out like that. I didn’t sleep all night because I’m resetting my sleep pattern ready to go back to my day time Maths classes. I rang up somewhere that was offering the BA (Hons) Psychology course during clearing. It’s annoying because I don’t quite have […]

  • Latest completed courses :) / Everything does happen for a reason.

    I have just finished 3 online courses (results below).  Introduction to Psychology, Negotiation and  Conflict Resolution, and Education in the Modern World. It’s made me feel a lot better today because I feel like I’ve achieved something during the summer break. I have health problems that are ‘kicking off’ and I’ve been quite moody due to […]